Will digital copies of PS Vita games be 40% cheaper than those sold in the box?

A Sony executive could have secured it to the Thrifty Nerd portal at a laptop event.

Playstation Vita

That the digital copies of games of PS Vita in, for example, Japan, would be cheaper than those sold in the box had already been announced, however this could be extended to other regions with a difference of up to a 40%.

This is at least deduced from information published by the Thrifty Nerd portal, which claims to have first-hand information from Sony in which, for example, retail games in North America will be sold for $ 40 while digital copies of the same title would cost $ 23.

The data has come from a representative of Sony itself who, supposedly, would have corroborated this information to the aforementioned website in an event related to the PS Vita retail catalog.

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