Ryu smashes a can of energy drink in this cool stop-motion animation

A hobbyist creates small animations using his articulated action figures.

Kotaku has drawn attention to the animation pieces of Kenta shinohara, a Japanese hobbyist who uses his articulated action figures to create his own micro-stories. One of his latest works has Ryu, the legendary champion of the Street Fighter Saga as the protagonist.

The Capcom fighter is not the only video game character that Shinohara has dedicated an animation to, Link also has his little piece of video. In his Twitter profile you can find a multitude of animations of this type, along with the processes you follow to create them, using a stand, digital retouching, and figures with a large number of points of articulation.

A magnificent work that is sure to encourage some more fan to download their figures from the shelf and invent their own stories. If you like this style of animation, be sure to see this original short film with origami tribute to Nintendo.