Respawn Entertainment recruits staff for a new Titanfall

The development of the next installment of the saga seems that it begins to accelerate.

A few months ago we collected in 3DJuegos that the next Respawn video games will arrive at the end of 2019. Among these projects is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and a second could be a new installment of Titanfall according to the latest movements in Staff search of the studio owned by Electronic Arts.

As stated from PC Gamer, Respawn Entertainment has been publishing offers related to the action series and mecha shots since April, the last on April 15 where a technical animator was requested to work on the Titanfall saga. In these announcements they are not mentioned exactly Titanfall 3, but it is also true that Titanfall 2 has not received new content for a long time, so all eyes are on a new installment, whether it is numerical or not.

Despite the little success in sales, if not in criticism, of the last launch of the license, Respawn and EA confirmed for some time that they would continue working on it, although it is not until now that more indications begin to emerge that its return could be closer than we imagined. Likewise, the American study also has in its portfolio a proposal for virtual reality.