Remedy: "We need to create better and deeper game mechanics"

The authors of Alan Wake and Max Payne promise to "not take five years" to release their new video game.

Quantum Break, his latest release.

In Remedy Entertainment they have a reputation for being late; their games are made to beg for more than necessary, so a fan has asked the authors of Alan Wake what is on the minds of many others: how long will it take to release your new game? Not five years, has declared one of the main people in charge of the study.

"I wonder ... now that you are creating two video games and Quantum Break took you five years, probably your next video game will not arrive in this generation, right?", Asks a fan, to which the communication director of Remedy, Thomas Puha , has answered: "No, we will not take five years with our next games".

"We will definitely focus more on game mechanics, now and in the future. We need to improve that; create better and deeper game mechanics," he adds. Puha took the opportunity to confirm that there are currently about 140 employees at Remedy working on two different projects.

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