Record Xbox Live Arcade sales for the month of October

The results represent an increase of 91% compared to last year.

During last October the digital distribution platform Xbox Live Arcade generated $ 11.2 million in sales, representing a 91 percent increase with respect to the results achieved during the same month last year.

The consulting firm FADE has also confirmed that the best-selling game during that month was Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, followed by Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Y Super Meat Boy.

Next, we leave you with the list of the ten best-selling games during that period:

01. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (104,000)
02. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (98,000)
03. Super Meat Boy (70,000)
04. Comic Jumper (55,000)
05. Plants vs Zombies (45,000)
06. Limbo (33,000)
07. Costume Quest (31,000)
08. Castle Crashers (28,000)
09. Trials HD (26,000)
10. Dead Space Ignition (26,000)