What a style! Location of all The Division 2 keychains

Improving your level and skills is fine, but hanging keychains on your backpack is another hassle.

At this point, we trust that your character in The Division 2 is already around 500 equipment power and facing the news of Invasion: Battle for D.C., but here we are going to talk to you about the only true 'endgame': getting all keychains for backpack. Since they're cosmetic, they won't protect you from bullets or increase your score, but since you're doomed to see your character's back for so many hours, you'll at least want to decorate it properly.

At the time of writing, there are a total of 15 keychains in The Division 2. But since we are talking about a game as a service, it would be strange to think that Ubisoft does not update the game catalog with new items every few months. For that reason, we recommend that if you are a collector, do not stop investigating about it. In addition to the indications that we leave you, you can consult a video of Arekkz Gaming below to guide you easily.

How to squeeze the graphics options of The Division 2 on PC

  • Teddy bear: A booking incentive for the PC version. It was supplied with all versions of the game.
  • Space shuttle: It is in the space museum (Air and Space Museum), to find it you must search the cabin when the shuttle crashes on the roof.
  • United States flag: This is a difficult one. It is achieved by reaching the maximum level in the original The Division.
  • Presidential hammer: Awarded for rescuing President Ellis, a task that you will complete during the course of the campaign.
  • Capitol: It is a reward for the players who participated in the beta of the game, so if you missed it, it is out of your reach.
  • Lincoln bust: Can be found near a gift shop at the Lincoln Memorial Mission.
  • Supply box: Another of the almost impossible. It could be unlocked by completing the Dark Zone East during the game's beta.
  • Skeleton: Appears in the main mission of the DCD headquarters. To do this, turn left as you exit the elevator shaft, to explore the morgue until you come across a didactic statue of a human skeleton, where the key ring is (quite a twisted humor, yes).
  • Plush flower: Awarded for upgrading the Campus settlement twice. Look for her among the flowers to the left of the entrance.
  • Stuffed hippo: To get this, upgrade the theater settlement a couple of times. You will find it with a new area, on the roof, inside a box.
  • Blood vial: It appears in the fortress of the pariahs, inside a closet that you will find before going down to the underground tunnel.
  • Hunter ax: It is in the ivory chest of the White House, but to open it you need eight ivory keys that are obtained by killing hunters in The Division 2.
  • Hockey player: It is, how could it be otherwise, in the basketball / ice hockey stadium.
  • Soldier Badges: Get it in the True Children fortress, killing the final boss.
  • Gold ingot: Obviously, you must go to the bank chamber of the homonymous mission. It's in a box, inside the chamber itself.