Peter Moore: "Wii has been a disappointment"

He mainly complains about the poor sales of the latest installment of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

The person responsible for EA SportsPeter Moore is not very happy with the sales performance of the latest sporting foray into Tiger Woods PGA Tour, especially in the version for Wii.

EA has invested heavily in the game's marketing campaign, and has even had great support from Nintendo. However, all this has not been enough for the game to end up reaping the sales expected by the company.

Peter Moore has shown his dissatisfaction in an interview with the British media Eurogamer: “Commercially the numbers speak for themselves. It is not where we would like to be year after year. It has been disappointing, particularly on Wii. There is no hiding place, because the results are there. The Wii has been a disappointment ”.

He continues: “It was a difficult year, because we had the pack with the Wii Motion Plus last year. It was a tremendous opportunity for us. We had a great advertising campaign, a great support from Nintendo, both Nintendo Europe and America ”.

Now, with the release of the Move-compatible version of Tiger Wood PGA Tour, they have new hopes for better sales.