Persona 5 "is the culmination of the series"

From Atlus they explain that each game mechanic is faithful to the origins, but that it is at the highest level.

Yu Namba, one of the main project managers in Atlus USA, has spoken through the official PlayStation blog to provide some details about Persona 5 and talk about very interesting elements such as, for example, the work of localization to English of a game so complex and so loaded with localisms and Japanese references.

"Persona 5, as a game, is the pinnacle of the series. From the combat system and social simulation to the gameplay and user interface, everything has remained true to its origins, but every aspect of the game is maxed out. level, "Namba explains. "The same can be said for the translation: it's the best English translation in the history of Atlus USA, so far. P5 was a monster from a localization point of view. It had the largest team of translators and editors, and all they spent countless nights making the English version of P5 come true. "

"At the beginning of the project we set the general direction of the translation and agreed on some key ideas and terms, so that we all had clear guidelines when working on our corresponding tasks. Whenever a big problem arose, I was informed about it and I gave my opinion to the team. As a project manager, I had to make the final decision, but I made sure to see the problems from different perspectives, "says the executive.

"When translating a Japanese game there is always something that, translated word for word, it doesn't make any sense to western audiences. Similarly, there will be lines that are too long for text boxes or for the time allotted to a scene. 'maintain, what to cut, what to change, what will be the consequences; it is always difficult to decide and each person has their opinion. But the process is easier when the whole team is on the same page. I am very lucky to be in Atlus, where all the members of the company have the same vision. "