PC Gaming: Two Ready-To-Go Settings

We choose our kings from the range that dominates the homes of thousands of players.

Perhaps we have taken longer than we expected, the Steam sales have already passed and we are already beginning to hear well-founded rumors of future substitutes for some of the components that we are going to cite here today, but taking over from our previous equipment recommendation we got to the dear mid-range, queen of the players' rooms around the globe, either because of her good value for money or by its availability.

Although in our tightest budgets we saw how these machines were capable of offering a lot for their price, it is the mid-range that truly encapsulates the "experience" of playing on PC and, above all, where we can begin to truly squeeze the potential of computer as a platform And these are our recommendations!

The budget will always be our first step Those who have been reading these specials for a few months will know that this is a section that is rarely lacking, and that is that establishing a budget in a world with so many options when buying is the first step that triggers all our other decisions Where are we going to invest more? Where will we cut? Is it worth it or spend more to get this component? All of these significant questions arise from setting a budget.

In our case, the objective of these teams is give the best possible performance at an affordable price for most users, considering it as an investment or a base on which, in the future, we can renew without fear of being left behind, spending just what we need. We find that price in the limit range of 1,000 euros, a respectable figure, but achievable.

How we have approached the recommendations In the previous entry of this special we saw a series of images that tried to illustrate possible upgrades for the equipment listed there, depending on how much we were willing to spend and distinguishing between Intel and AMD. As the objective of this special is to clear doubts when buying a team and these points brought some confusion with them, we have decided to put it in another way. On this occasion, we bring two teams, one focused solely on playing and the other more focused on a more advanced use of our PC, either for streaming, content creation, or other applications of this platform and at the end of the recommendations you can see changes if you are willing to spend more than our proposals.

Ready to face it all - PC team to play Budget: 990 euros approximately
  • CPU - Intel Core i5 8400
  • BOARD - MSI B360 Gaming Plus
  • GPU - Sapphire RX 580 8GB
  • COOLER - Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO
  • RAM - 16 GB KINGSTON 2666 MHz
  • HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB
  • SSD - Corsair MP500 120 GB
  • PSU - Corsair VS550
  • BOX - Phanteks Eclipse P300

This team is designed to do one thing above any other: play the best possible for its price. To achieve this, he carries in his gut some of our past recommendations for other specials. The brain of the team is the Core i5 8400 of the eighth generation of Intel, an option that gives us the necessary power to face all current and future titles thanks to its good performance and its six physical cores.

In the graphic department we have chosen the 8GB RX 580, for us it is the best mid-range GPU to play games, it is the most powerful graphics in its price range and it allows us to smash all the games in our library at FHD resolutions or higher without messing up. However, this extra power comes with a higher consumption under the shoulder, so we have accompanied it with the Corsair VS550, an 80 Plus certified power supply with enough watts to handle the equipment with ease.

All our team sits on the MSI B360 Gaming Plus. A plate that, despite the strange prices of the medium and low ranges of motherboards that we live during this generation, manages to offer us everything we need at a price lower than 100 euros (Even if it is for less than a coffee away). For us the best B360 you can buy at a reasonable price.

And speaking of reasonable prices, we come to RAM, a component that is far from knowing that concept today and that is one of the largest expenses of this selection. Even so, we do not want to compromise the experience of using it, so we have gotten two 8 GB Kits of the already legendary Kingston HyperX, which together with our dual storage (SSD for OS and programs, and HDD for games and multimedia) make this equipment a fast and efficient system.

Finally, we have equipped the system with a cooling superior to that offered by Intel as a base in the hands of the Cooler Master TX3 EVO, an old acquaintance for PC gamers, and we've packed it all into one of the best boxes we can find for its price: the Phanteks Eclipse P300, leaving us a beautiful, functional and powerful team. But how powerful?

I want more! What can I change about this setting? If you want to spend more to get something in return we have two possible options to change this setting. If you want to be able to overclock and have what is possibly the best current processor to play with, you can increase the budget by 200 euros and get the Core i5 8600K together with a brand new Asrock Z370 SLI replacing our previous proposal, to make sure that the temperatures are not affected by the increase in power and consumption derived from the overclock, allocate the rest of that increase in the budget in a better heatsink, like a more advanced one from Cooler Master itself or another like the Cryorig H5, and invest the rest in an extra fan to improve the Airflow of our box. Another option with the same increase is to get a more powerful and efficient graphics with the GTX 1070 and allocate the surplus to the same task.

All-terrain and ready for action - PC equipment for content creation Budget: approximately 980 euros
  • CPU - Ryzen R5 2600
  • BOARD - Gigabyte B350 K3 Gaming
  • GPU - GTX 1060 6GB
  • RAM - 16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200 MHz
  • HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB
  • SSD - Corsair MP500 120 GB
  • PSU - Corsair VS550
  • CASE - Corsair Carbide 275R

For those users who need a little more power for activities other than playing with our equipment we have prepared this configuration, but do not mislead my words, this system is more than capable of playing everything that is thrown at it with ease!

The first change we see in the processor, unlike video games, many of the activities with high load that can be done from our PC usually benefit from a greater number of cores, and this is where the Ryzen 5 2600, the star CPU of the mid-range AMD processors, with its 6 cores and twelve threads will allow us to do more with our equipment while maintaining good gaming performance. If you wonder why we have not opted for its X version, it is because both processors are exactly the same with the only difference that its X version has a serial overclock applied, which we can do later.

For this team we opted for the 6GB GTX 1060, a more efficient graphic than our previous choice, but also less powerful. The reason why we have chosen this graphic for this team is for its performance in productivity, the Cuda Cores of Nvidia graphics behave very well outside of video games in tasks that make use of our GPU, but it also gives us the power necessary to play everything that comes our way.

The foundation on which we have built our entire team is Gigabyte AB350 Gaming K3, a complete and affordable motherboard, that will allow us to overlock our processor and that has some very interesting extra features, both for advanced users and for those less knowledgeable.

For the rest of the components, we opted for a configuration similar to our previous equipment. Double storage thanks to an SSD and HDD accompanied by 16 GB of Ram, which can be somewhat sparing for content creation, but expandable when prices stabilize. The power is provided by the same Corsair, although it has more power than necessary, but its price is very similar to its 450W sister. Finally, we opted for the Corsair Carbide 275R to give another personality to the team with an equivalent box.

As for the tests, we are going to approach them in another way. We have selected some of the titles that we have already seen on the previous team, but we have also included data on those titles while we are streaming as well as synthetic tests in other programs.

The results speak for themselves. The equipment is capable of offering good performance in both leisure and productivity, while the choice of components allows us to maintain a team with a large space for future improvement. An all-terrain machine prepared for whatever we put in front of it.

More power, more cores and more budget [enter] As the AMD b350 chipset allows overclocking, we can get a more powerful processor without having to change the plate in this system and still have the possibility of exploiting its maximum potential, in this case, our proposal is the Ryzen R7 2700. Increasing the budget by 200 euros We will have access to this processor, a better quality heatsink and extra elements for our box, among others. We can also opt for the same change as the previous proposal and improve our graphics card to the GTX 1070 with the same budget.

And so far this equipment guide. As always, this is a proposal and as in any PC practically all the components listed here are modifiable, interchangeable or replaceable by any personal choice, they are simply the equipment proposed by us. Share your setups on the forum and enjoy until the next gear guide arrives!