For Take-Two, making "good" games is no longer enough

The reviews are critical to the distributor that considers the "only good" grades a failure.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, has spoken with the Gamasutra portal about the current state of the video game market in relation to the reviews of specialized media, ensuring that "making only good video games is no longer enough.

"I think good game ratings are the new flop ... Video games need to be great," Zelnick said. "Making games that are just good is not enough anymore."

According to the executive, the reviews "can really influence the success of a recently launched video game", something that according to him does not happen in other forms of entertainment. "In fact, if your grades go below a certain level, it can hurt your ability to sell it, and above a certain level it can make a real difference in your success."