There will be no new Skylanders video game in 2017

The franchise is already the 11th most profitable series in the history of the industry.

Activision has decided to stop the franchise Skylanders before turning it into a new phenomenon Guitar hero. The toy-starring franchise has been a hit with children's audiences across multiple systems over the past few years, and although the effect has faded in sales, the reality is that it remains a highly valued franchise for Americans.

The publisher has confirmed that the video game and toy franchise has become in the 11th most profitable brand in history, but has taken advantage of the announcement to confirm that there will be no new edition of the video game in 2017. Is it the end of Spyro and company? Absolutely! New content has been confirmed for Skylanders Imaginators and they are working on an exclusive production for the mobile market.

The objective of the American developer and distributor is to expand the brand in alternative markets. In fact, they have reached an agreement with Netflix to make a third season of the television series. Vicarious visions, its developers, should not fear the movements with the series, since they are now involved in the remastering of the trilogy of Crash Bandicoot on current generation consoles.

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