Mini-Guide: Super Mario Odyssey. 5 objects that maybe you didn't know you could capture

Mario's new companion cap can turn you into some amazing game items.

Surely the biggest novelty introduced in the gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey is Cappy's ability to capture characters and objects. This new Mario adventure companion allows the player to enjoy all kinds of actions to help him rescue Princess Peach.

We reviewed several friendly objects that perhaps you did not know could be captured by Mario and that may be the solution to that puzzle that you resist or that complicated energy moon to catch.

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If capturing with Cappy doesn't have any secrets for you, try finding Peach and Tiara throughout the game or trying to complete any of the challenges you can do after completing the game.


Jizo These cute statues of the Kingdom of Bowser, guardian spirits of travelers, are not exactly the fastest way to travel. But its weight and its ability to “stomp” can be most interesting for activating switches.


Letters The different and recognizable large letters that you can find in the Urban Kingdom can also be of help to Mario. Can you form a certain word with them?


Meat Becoming a "cachocarne" has never been so much fun. In the Kingdom of the Stoves you can capture these succulent giant food pieces, which work the same way as rocks from other worlds in the game.


Mini rocket You have surely seen some of these little space vehicles here and there. Hasn't it occurred to you to throw the cap on them? With them you can travel to special locations or save large differences in height on the ground such as cliffs.


Delisubian These fork-shaped inhabitants of Mount Delisubio are great for long jumps or wall climbing. You can even chain jump from one Delisubian to another.


Zipper One of the most ingenious inventions in human history is also one of the most original ways to discover new hidden areas in Super Mario Odyssey.

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