Miles Morales does not miss the PS5 event with a new gameplay and details of his story

It will arrive on PlayStation 5 and also PS4 in November 2020.

One of the most anticipated games on PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly Spider-Man Miles Morales, who will continue the success of the 2018 installment with a new character and story material. Naturally, Sony has not missed the opportunity to show it at the recent event dedicated to its new generation console, and it has also done it in a big way: with a gameplay Captured directly on PS5 showing story material and lots of action.

We are told that the new adventure begins one year later of the events that occurred in the original game, at a point in which the home of the protagonist who gives the game its name is in danger, disputed between two enemy factions: Roxxon and Underground. But the hero who seems like an obstacle to the armed forces is also the great hope of the city.

In the video we have also been able to verify that the action and the combat will drink enormously from what has been seen so far. As a reminder, Spider-Man Miles Morales compares himself to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in terms of size and ambitions. As expected, it will be one of the launch titles for PlayStation 5, but Sony has also surprised by confirming the Miles Morales premiere on PS4.