The last days of Lionhead: Fable Legends could be resurrected with the name of Project Phoenix

An article talks with company sources about the last days and their movements before the final closure.

The closure of Lionhead studios It caught everyone by surprise. Microsoft continued to offer promotional content for the game a few days before making the cancellation of Fable Legends official and many employees of the British company acknowledged their surprise at the decision made in Redmond. What happened there during the month prior to the final closure, the UK's so-called "closure proposal", has been explained by Eurogamer in a recent text on the English page.

The atmosphere in the Lionhead offices was sad after the news was confirmed: some workers stayed home and others went to the office to fix their resumes. Eurogamer explains the case of another who came to work to play Rocket League and take advantage of the company's connection. On April 13 they were watching the streaming of a Fable Legends player (which although it no longer mattered, was breaking the confidentiality agreement beta) until the server was shut down.

The text came a few hours after learning about the companies that were behind the hypothetical purchase of the studio and the brand, making clear today the nationality of some of the firms that were interested in the Lionhead remains: they were Chinese. There has been talk in recent days about the possibility of finishing Fable Legends before closing the studio, and today we learned that the name of the project before shelving it was Project Phoenix.

Project Phoenix was being developed by an internal team focused on saving the game, something that would have ended up "saving some jobs," an anonymous source tells Eurogamer. They were even introduced to two Chinese companies that showed interest in financing the new study, but the failure to sell Fable as a license ended up pushing them back. A particular case that seems to bother the source is that of Evolution, closed by Sony on similar dates.

He blames Microsoft for the hasty decision and zero maneuver time it gave workers then: "Sony shut down Evolution and in two weeks Codemasters saved it. We were left thinking, what the hell? How did it happen so quickly? Then We learned that the Evolution intern team had known about Sony's intentions for months. Maybe if Microsoft had done something similar, the story would have been different. "

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