Ashen's creators explain why it's exclusive to Xbox One

There are no plans to bring this ambitious indie to PS4 or Nintendo Switch, for now.

It is true that Ashen has not shown any signs of life for a long time. However, the video game of Aurora 44 for PC (with Windows 10) and Xbox One has explained through its managers the reasons why it will not be released on another platform.

"The guys on the team ID @ Xbox They were the first to give us support, with Alexis Garavaryan discovering us in 2014 and taking us to the Xbox team, "said Derek Bradley, creative director of the project, to the GamingBolt portal when asked about the reasons behind the exclusivity of Xbox One." We pointed to the stars with Ashen, and the Xbox team supported us in our vision, including three E3 shows since then. "

"At this time we have no plans to launch the game on PS4 or Nintendo Switch at this time, as we are currently committed as a team to launch the best game possible," said Bradley.

Ashen's mystery and puzzle approach is still scheduled for this year, although it does not yet have a final release date.