The Division authors strengthen their ranks: sequel on the way?

Ubisoft Massive offers 25 new jobs in different fields.

The website of Ubisoft Massive, responsible for the great The Division, shows up to 25 new job offers for positions as diverse as screenwriters, technicians, concept artists, level designers or producers. Everything indicates that there are big plans for the series, with goals such as "expanding the universe of The Division" or "creating the best open-world role-playing game ever."

However, it is not entirely clear how this ambition will materialize: it could be an ambitious expansion for the existing game - following the annual pass model as in Rainbow Six: Siege - or a hypothetical The Division 2 in which Massive had already shown interest in the past.

The Division is currently in excellent health with more than 20 million players after 24 months in stores. The 1.8 update has helped bring new blood to the video game, although it seems that the future holds no less.