Xbox's Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Comes to PC 16 Years After Release

Last year KUF 2, a sequel to the RTS game and hack and slash, also came to the computer.

It seemed a lie, but after almost a decade of development, the final version of Kingdom Under Fire II was released on PC at the end of 2019 throughout the West. And if you want the complete collection, you will be pleased to know that Blueside has announced that Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, the original Xbox game, will also be coming to computers very soon.

For those less familiar with the saga, KUF is a game that mix real-time strategy with hack-and-slash action in third person. The first game let us choose between four factions that are fighting for the lands of Bersia, and more than a hundred units to shape our army.

The PC adaptation of KUF The Crusders will be faithful to the original in terms of graphics and will add support for mouse and keyboard, as well as HD resolutions. Not many clues have been given as to what awaits us in the PC adaptation of the game, but it has been confirmed that we will be able to play both in control and, of course, mouse and keyboard. We can also run the game in high definition, although the list of supported resolutions and screen formats is still a mystery. Don't expect big changes at the level of graphics, yes: "relive your favorite moments of the game with an authentic, unaltered PC port, that will give players the experience they had at launch."

We will be able to play Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders on PC via Steam in the first quarter of 2020, so we shouldn't have to wait long for one. release date definitive. If you haven't played its sequel yet, you can take a look at its gameplay trailer to get an idea of ​​what awaits you.