Killing Floor 2 is updated with Tropical Bash: new map, free weapons and enemies

Survival against the undead on a tropical island ... with an active volcano!

Tripwire Interactive just confirmed the premiere of Tropical bash, which becomes the first free downloadable content from Killing Floor 2. Among the additions are a new map, Zed Landing (which takes survivors to a tropical island with an active volcano), weapon (the Bonecrusher, a devastating mace and shield), new zombie (the Gorefiend, with dual swords), weapons Duals and animations to interact with the rest of the players.

Killing Floor 2 has been developed by Tripwire Interactive and distributed in our country by Koch-Media. Its launch took place last May on PlayStation 4 and computer. Invite users to survive hordes of the undead and final bosses from all kinds of scenarios. Our colleague Álvaro Castellano analyzed it a couple of months ago: he qualified it with a 7 and stressed that "the direct and frenetic experience of Killing Floor does not go out of style".

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