Jim Carrey shares his thoughts on Sonic redesign for his new movie

How will the demands of the fans affect? The actor is not clear.

The actor Jim Carrey, which gives life to Dr. Robotnik in the sonic the hedgehog movie, has encompassed the controversy surrounding the redesign of the blue hedgehog, which forced Paramount to postpone the premiere until 2020. Speaking on the Showtime series Kidding, Carrey acknowledges that the voice of the fans has light and dark and that it may be soon to sing victory.

"I don't really know how to feel about the audience being part of [Sonic's] creation," explains the actor. "Sometimes you find that the collective consciousness decides that it wants something, and once it gets it, it remains as 'okay, I don't want it'... You become Frankenstein's monster at a certain point, right? "

Carrey finds the fans feeling of authority understandable. After all, Sonic is a character that many of them have grown up with, although that doesn't necessarily mean that the end result will end up meeting their expectations. Will the reviews be beneficial to the film? "Whatever has to happen will happen. It may be for the better or it may be for the worse," he concludes.