Funcom is very satisfied with the launch of Secret World Legends

They promise to expand their MMORPG with new content updates.

Available on PC for two weeks, Funcom has been very satisfied with the launch of Secret World Legends, the free-to-play revision of its remarkable MMORPG, which they promise to expand with new content ideal for both new fans and those veterans who enjoyed the game at the time.

"This is our bet, our best play and best effort, to ensure that the Secret World universe can live and hopefully become even bigger and better than it was," said the studio's CEO, Rui Casais. "It's not about replacing what was there, but giving it another chance to succeed so that we can keep the lights on, add new content, and continue the amazing and acclaimed story of the game."

"It is still early days but we are very excited about the initial success of Secret World Legends in these last two weeks. It has been years since we last saw a wave of active players like this in the Secret World universe and it is a very good start that leads us to the launch on Steam on July 31 ".