Fallout 76 can also be purchased in the Microsoft Store

Previously, the PC version had been declared exclusive to Bethesda.net.

In recent weeks, Bethesda made known the intention not to publish Fallout 76 on Steam and make it exclusive to Bethesda.net, but it seems that ultimately that will not be entirely true. Although there are no signs that Fallout 76 will appear soon on the Valve platform, at least it will arrive in another virtual store: the Microsoft Store.

At the time of writing, it appears that it is not yet available in the European versions of the store, but some users have already realized that it is possible to reserve the game from America. In fact, American users have the option to buy Fallout 76 for PC in its standard edition or the "Tricentennial Edition", which is accompanied by various DLC. Presumably sooner or later it will also reach this part of the world.

Bethesda.net and the Microsoft Store may not be as popular with PC gamers as Steam, but for now they are the only options for playing Fallout 76 on PC. However, Bethesda ensures that it will not leave Steam after this game, and it could even be released in Valve's domains at some point in the future.