Fable 2: Molyneux begins to draw some drawbacks

The creator of the title admits that some details of the final version are not completely to his liking.

Peter Molyneux, one of the main gurus of video games, has surprised with his statements to the North American edition of Official Xbox Magazine. In this interview, the British creative confesses that he is not convinced by all the sections of Fable 2.

"There are some dark spots in the game," confessed Molyneux. "It's no one's fault, but they are there." The director and person in charge of the project detailed some of these details that he did not like: "I think the lip sync is quite bad, you know, the quality of the animation drops," said the creative. "Also navigation can be difficult, and the dog can give some trouble at times."

Fable 2, remember, is Lionhead's most ambitious project to date, and will be released on October 24 exclusively on Xbox 360.