These are our favorite gaming chairs to play comfortably for less than 250 euros

Adequate gaming space is just as important as the most powerful hardware.

Players tend to pass a good number of hours in front of the screen, especially when a launch we were hoping for ends up on the market. The sedentary nature of our hobby is not harmful per-se with the right precautions; Unfortunately, these precautions are often not taken into account. One of the most recommended, especially when your work is also sedentary in nature, is to have a proper posture and a seat that allows us to be comfortable and correct. For the latter in the market we can find an infinity of chairs that, presumably, adapt to all these needs. Today we want to talk about which are our favorite models of this, often ignored, accessory; with a tax limit of 250 euros, so as not to leave out anyone in this important work.

Looking for the right posture

Depending on where we play we will call one thing or another "proper posture". In this text we are going to focus on the play spaces located on the desks; since it's easier get bad posture in them for long periods of time.

In the aforementioned desks, the ideal is to stay in a position through which we have monitor centered, at the level of our eyes. If we use keyboard and mouse, they should be placed at the height of our elbows, so that we do not raise our shoulders while we play and we keep our wrists as straight as possible. If we use command the rule remains the same: little elevation, but we have a little more freedom in position. The body should be in a semi relaxed position, around 90-100 degrees - 110 degrees if we only support our arms on the armrest - and we must make sure that lean against endorsement, so that the lumbar area and our shoulders rest.

For a chair to be able to keep us in that position in the proper way, it must have two characteristics: adjustability and ergonomics. Most of the seats advertised as "for gamers" mimic shapes we see in the motor world; This is usually a mistake, as these seats are designed to keep us glued to the seat in a firm position, regardless of what the vehicle does. We, the gamers, are not subjected to that kind of movement, so, outside of aesthetics, we must look for characteristics more similar to ergonomic office chairs. This is what we would look for:

  1. That we can regulate your height to keep the arms in the most suitable position.
  2. That the seat has the right depth, about one hand from our knees to the seat itself. Alternatively, make it adjustable.
  3. That your armrest do not unduly spread our arms and prevent the shoulders from resting. Preferably, it is adjustable.
  4. That your back allow us to rest the lumbar. Preferably, the lower area of ​​the column has more support, either from some type of cushion, padding, or regulator.

Office chairs that we like

As we did in previous buying guides, like our headphone guide, we are going to divide our recommended products into two sections. The first half will correspond to the chairs that are not advertised as "gaming" and can be found in office furniture stores. With our self-imposed limit of 250 euros, we lose access to large well-known brands in the sector, such as Herman Miller or Steelcase; But we do have models that fulfill their mission very well and we believe they are worthy of recommendation:

Femor ergonomic office chair

We started with a generic, yet effective, design from the Femor brand. It is a mesh desk chair ergonomic cut with adjustable piston and adjustments for different heights for the headrest and the foot of the chair itself. Its finishes are correct and the lack of padding in the lumbar support may be a deterrent for some, but is very grateful in long gaming sessions; especially in hot climates. In general, it is a functional chair with a very reasonable price, although limited availability.

Buy Femor (90 euros)

Ergonomic office chair DueHome Soul

Another generic model, although somewhat more elaborate, would be the Soul model that we show from the DueHome brand. His greatest goodness is his adjustability and its simplicity, reflected in the price. Its finishes are correct, with nothing to highlight for its price; But you do enjoy an adjustable foot, adjustable arm and headrest, and comfortable shapes for most bodies. Below 120 euros it is difficult to find a more complete option.

Buy DueHome Soul (120 euros)

Ergonomic office chair MFlavour

Inside what would be the "mid-range"Of generic office chairs we have this familiar MFlavour model. We have chosen it over similar brands for maintaining a slightly lower price than these, but its characteristics are the same: lumbar adjustment, recliner, armrests and adjustable headrest and a finish correct mesh for the body of the chair. As a generic office chair it is the one we find more complete.

Buy MFlavour (200 euros)

Ergonomic office chair Markus)

This Ikea office chair is one of their most recognizable office products. A certain name has been created among players for one simple reason: their good construction and materials, its ergonomic format, its adjustability –except for the armrests and headrests– and its adjusted price. It is an option that we recommend for those same reasons.

Buy Markus (170 euros)

Player Models

We continue with the chairs for players, characterized by a strong sporty aesthetic and for its regulatory options. Their appearance is not usually to the liking of all types of players, but many of them have the characteristics that we would look for in a desk chair to play and, in addition, there is a wide variety of them on the market; each with its own peculiarities. These are the models that we like the most below the limit we have imposed on ourselves:

ThunderX3 TGC15 chair

Within the gaming chair market, the ThunderX3 models are no strangers. Most of them have been in the market for a long time, but are still popular for their good value for money. We wanted to highlight the TGC15 model for its adjustability and for its ergonomic construction, with abundant foam, which "checks" in all the points that we have named in our first section.

Buy ThunderX3 TGC15 (180 euros)

NewSkill Takamikura chair

Another model to highlight would be the Takamikura chair from NewSkill. This is a revision of their popular Kitsune that fixes some construction and durability issues that that chair presented. The result is an armchair that is very similar in performance: total adjustability, good quality finishes and a backrest with abundant filling for lumbar and cervical support.

Buy NewSkill Takamikura (180 euros)

Drift DR400 chair

At the limit of our budget we would find the high end of the popular brand Drift. The DR400BL stands out for its construction, in metal, and the finish of the chair itself, in high density leatherette. In addition, and like the other members of this list, it is a highly adjustable and adjustable chair in key areas, such as height, armrests, or lumbar support.

Buy Drift DR400 (240 euros)

DX Racer Formula Serires 5 saddle

Finally, we want to bring a chair from another popular brand and with very similar features to the previous Drift model. We are talking about the DX Racer Formula Series 5, whose most notable virtue is its mixed construction with metal chassis and wooden reinforcements, and its finishes, with a polyester upholstery with high density filling. Its price varies a lot and can be seen well above, or below, our previous recommendation. When they are at the same price level, it is a matter of taste in the finishes, but it is usually a good idea to review their price in case we are interested in one of the two models.

Buy DX Racer Formula Serires 5 (250 euros)