Angry fan who registered Fallout 1st website offers to mediate between Bethesda and players

The player says that Bethesda is lying by claiming that users have asked for a subscription system for Fallout 76.

Bethesda and its new monetization plans for Fallout 76 made headlines again last week due to pushback generated by Fallout 1st among a good number of players. One of them registered the domain Fallott and published a fake website that imitates the official one and that criticize very harshly to the developer.

This hobbyist, David chapman, has given an interview to the BBC network in which he explains the reasons for his striking and harsh reaction: "My motivation comes from a frustration with Bethesda and, in general, the current trend in the gaming industry." Chapman adds that Bethesda lies stating that players have requested "a subscription for the features hidden behind a paywall."

I would like to sit down with Todd Howard and have a constructive discussion on Fallout 1st - this disappointed fan is very pleased with the reception and visibility of his action. But Chapman does not want to remain in the simple criticism and is willing to seek solutions. He has even volunteered as a mediator between Bethesda and the user community: "I'd like to sit down with Todd Howard and have a constructive discussion about Fallout 1st."

Chapman isn't the only Fallout series fan angry at Bethesda. Even the biggest Fallout 76 fans are against the new subscription model, noting that Bethesda promised not to charge for additional features.