EA Sports will undergo a deep restructuring after canceling NBA Elite 11

"We are making organizational changes to our EA Sports development team that will be better for franchises."

NBA Elite 11

After a monumental debacle as it has been the cancellation of NBA Elite 11, the normal thing is that in a company important corporate decisions are carried out, and more when it is one as large as Electronic Arts. What nobody expected was that the restructuring of EA Sports reached so many levels of the study.

According to Electronic Arts itself, all the development of EA Sports will be supervised by a studio, despite the fact that the creation of the different games that will be worked on will be carried out through different teams as always.

"We are carrying out changes in the organization of our EA Sports development team that will be better for the franchises and for the people," said a spokesman for the North American company. "We continue to actively evolve our team to better position ourselves and provide improved, quality and growth products for our shareholders."

Within this policy, it has also been confirmed that the positions of general manager of EA Tiburon and EA Canada they have been struck down.