EA measures your success based on a satisfaction parameter

A series of corporate changes make EA a "player-focused" company.

During an interview with MCV UK, Laura Miele, Executive Vice President at Electronic Arts, explained how the company has changed its business perspective to revolve more around the player.

According to the statements, EA monthly monitors the satisfaction parameter of the user to measure the success of their games, which becomes the motivation of the distributor itself: "That has changed how people see our games, and therefore, the opinion they have about EA," explains Miele. “I think now we go through a Golden age in video games, where players are at the center of our business strategies, and in the design and execution of our games. Internally at EA, we measure user satisfaction and engagement above earnings and units sold. We have made a really important change ”.

To account for this perspective, use Battlefield 1 as an example, which has reached a community of more than 21 million players since its launch last October. "We had players in our studio helping us create the new competitive mode for Battlefield 1, and that's why I think it's a golden age for players - because they have a strong voice in what we do."