Dungeons & Dragons prepares five games for the next 18 months

Wizards of the Coast seeks to expand the franchise in different genres.

The popular tabletop role-playing series Dungeons & Dragons It is preparing to present up to five video games between now and mid-2019, and as many beyond. It is common for the tabletop role to be adapted to video games as with Warhammer, from Games Workshop; and in fact we have already seen more than notable installments based on the D&D franchise, such as Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment or Neverwinter Nights. Although nothing compared to what is coming in the coming months, according to Chris Cocks, president of Wizards of the Coast, in an interview with the Glixel portal.

“We are considering deals for TV series and movies, as well as more internet-based content; and we're also pursuing a wider variety of Dungeons & Dragons video games, ”explains Cocks. “Right now, we have a list of between four and five games that will arrive between twelve and eighteen months, and between five and six by 2020 and beyond, housed in different genres ”.

From Wizards they feel confident in the possibilities of D&D to function in any medium. “Essentially, D&D has a couple of advantages: a great background and six or seven different worlds. That is a mine of possibilities, ”he continues. “When you play D&D, it feels authentic because it is a very mature property, with numerous iterations. The secret of D&D is that the rules are more like guidelines ”.