Death Stranding already has its first parody game

Hideko Kojimba presents his new and philosophical project: Man Standing.

Next December 10 you have an appointment with Hideko Kojimba and his new game: Man standing. But let no one be confused with Hideo kojima and Death Stranding, because this new project is actually a parody of the recent work of the Japanese developer.

Obviously, and as can be seen on Steam, the work of Alfina Gamers It is not an especially remarkable game for its technical qualities, but it may manage to get a smile from the fans. According to these developers, the player must deliver a series of packages while surviving in a world where the memories of the last people who inhabited it are kept, although the video with which Man Standing is presented reveals a less profound background.

A curious proposal that removes some seriousness from the debate between Death Stranding enthusiasts and their detractors. A few days ago we also highlighted another game that recreated Death Stranding within Dreams, the new work by Media Molecule, and another parody of Death Stranding in real image.