David Jaffe, father of God of War, does not plan to create more video games

Returning, the author of Twisted Metal would bet on a game away from triple A.

Months ago, the creator of the original God of War confirmed that his development studio was closing its doors, with Drawn to Death being his latest project in the video game industry. Do you intend to return? Not at least for now, as confirmed by himself David jaffe, who does not see himself with the necessary ambition to embark on a project of this nature.

"About whether or not I'm going to make a new video game, I don't know," commented the creative, also the author of Twisted Metal. "Right now I have no plans for it; and I really have no ambition to do it." I think if I made another game it would be hard to imagine doing something like the things I've done in the past, "adds David Jaffe." If you look at what Sony has done today, it's amazing. I'm obsessed with Spider-Man ... but what they do these days is very different from the things that excite me right now, "he continues.

Jaffe acknowledges that lately he has been playing retro titles and indie games that remind him of the works he grew up with. Precisely, if I returned to the video game industry, I would do so with some work of these characteristics. "I'm done with that," he said in relation to triple A games. David Jaffe has also dedicated words to his previous projects, such as God of War, in a very interesting podcast focused on the creative. His statements also coincide with those of Cliff bleszinski, author of the Gears of War saga, who has also stated that he does not want to develop more video games.

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