Civilization VI: Gathering Storm introduces Mali's Mansa Musa

The new expansion of Civilization VI will hit stores on February 14.

Mali will not miss the new Sid Meier's Civilization 6: Gathering Storm. Has confirmed it 2K in a new statement in which he has introduced Mansa Musa, whom they have dubbed "the richest man in history." The boss has been presented in a new trailer, in which we have been able to know some of the new abilities, buildings and exclusive units of the new civilization included in the Firaxis game.

His exclusive ability will be Songs of the Jeli, in which urban centers will receive extra food and faith for each square of adjacent desert and hills. Although the mines will produce less, they will have more gold, and the Mall buildings can be bought in faith. The country's building is the Suguba, which replaces the basic shopping center building. It guarantees a discount on purchases with faith and gold that are made in the city in which it is located.

Mali's own unit is the Mandekalu cavalry. It is a unit that earns gold with each victory in combat and protects trade routes near its location. Mansa Musa will have an exclusive ability called Merchants of Sahel, which will increase gold according to the desert squares the player has nearby. Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Coming Next February 14th.