Charles Leclerc stars in the first video gameplay of F1 2018

The Sauber rider gives us a virtual tour of the Monaco circuit.

F1 2018 presents its first official video. Specifically, he does it with the young Charles Leclerc, one of the great sensations of this start of the world championship season, taking a virtual tour of the Monaco circuit and offering his impressions. "I was amazed by the realism of the landscape. Being born in Monaco, I know the circuit very well. Well done for reflecting the circuit so well in the game," he says.

Take this opportunity, Codemaster commented on visual enhancements to the title, such as revisions to the lighting systems, skies, clouds and atmospheric conditions. "These systems work together and affect every aspect of the game's rendering, making it more believable than ever. Our new cloud technology more accurately represents the real world with improved cloud formations and response to light across various scenarios. weather conditions that are a big part of F1.Even on a clear day, the sky is interesting with great detail in clouds and aircraft contrails, while the new atmospheric system brings a true sense of depth to the scene and connects with the sky and the sky. more cohesive terrain, leading to some stunning views, "explains Stuart Campbell, Art Director at F1 2018.

It is not the only implementation detailed in the press release. "The inclusion of Energy Recovery System (ERS) Player Managed has been added to the vehicle physics in F1 2018, the result of our effort to provide as authentic a recreation of the sport as possible. By increasing the internal power of the combustion engine, the player will have multiple ways to deploy it to choose from. The inclusion of the ERS will not only give the player a more authentic Formula 1 experience, but will also serve to create more exciting and varied races, "said Lee Matherm, director of the video game.

F1 2018 dated its launch just over a week ago for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The officially licensed video game of the Formula 1 World Championship will arrive on August 24 and promises, among its other great innovations, a deeper Career mode and the presence of more classic vehicles for the enjoyment of the players. While it hits the market, you can read the review of F1 2017 and get the impressions of the writing.

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