Carmack fights back against ZeniMax over Oculus affair

He files a lawsuit worth 22.5 million dollars against the company of which Bethesda Softworks is a subsidiary.

John carmack

It doesn't stop the tug of war between ZeniMax Y Oculus on the occasion of the alleged theft of technology by the seconds for their glasses virtual reality and, on this occasion, it was John Carmack himself who attacked the company of which he is a subsidiary Bethesda Softworks.

Specifically, it has done so through a lawsuit that asks them $ 22.5 million to ZeniMax as a debt since, remember, before signing for Oculus he worked for them. As can be read in the text, ZeniMax paid 150 million dollars to buy id Software, the study of the creator of DOOM, and "now eight years after the sale they have not made the last payment term", nor do they let him convert the amount owed into shares, about half of the 45.1 million dollars that corresponded to him as the maximum shareholder of that team.

The information is held by the Dallas News portal, and it comes to feed a controversy between all parties of which one of the last episodes was lived during last February with the frank discontent of Carmack himself regarding the latest court ruling that obliges them to pay 500 million dollars to his old company.