"Call of Duty was not over with World War II"

"15 veteran marines convinced us that we had to tell the story of the Pacific."

Hank Keirsey, one of Treyarch's military advisers for Call of Duty: World at War has defended the video game they work on, and explained why they are going back to Second World War.

"We have not returned," Keirsey declared, since according to him they had not "finished telling the story." The reasons for choosing this backdrop again are clear to the counselor, and are related to interviews with 15 marines veterans of the war who "convinced them that they had to tell their story of the Pacific in the video game."

"It was a very difficult fight, a very close and very tough one," Keirsey confessed. "The only thing we have left is the smell, the heat and the rotting bodies ... But we will put all of that in an expansion pack."