Brutal Call of Duty Modern Warfare Bestseller New COD Doubles Joker's Raising!

Activision celebrates the good results of its latest war action video game.

The fantastic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has enjoyed a spectacular sales success in its world premiere, generating more than 600 million dollars in sales in just three days. With this surprising figure, the new work of Infinity Ward It has become the best-selling game in the Call of Duty saga in its premiere during the present generation.

Call of Duty is once again the best-selling premium game of the yearModern Warfare has also been the paid game with a most successful premiere in 2019, also becoming the Activision title with the best digital sales start in its history. "Call of Duty is once again the best-selling pay game of the year, which shows the good health of the franchise on PC, consoles, mobiles and eSports ”, said the head of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick.

"In the first three days, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has doubled the collection of a movie like Joker at its premiere," adds the manager. The good data has also been reflected in the activity of the players themselves. During its first three days, Modern Warfare has had "more players and hours of play than any other Call of Duty at launch in the last six years."

Kotick stressed that the launch of Modern Warfare “is just the beginning. There is much more to wear ”. You can take a look at our Call of Duty Modern Warfare review to find out what this hit action war game has to offer.

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