BioWare: We Will Do "Anything" To Keep Players Connected To The Old Republic

They assure that the number of subscribers has not decreased, although their playing hours have decreased.

During the last months there have been many reports that point to a significant decrease in the number of subscribers to the remarkable Star Wars: The Old Republic, but one of those responsible for the project, Daniel Erickson, assures that that is not the case.

In the words of the creative of BioWare, the number of players has not decreased exponentially, but gambling habits have changed.This has caused that at certain times of the day there are very few users connected, giving the feeling of emptiness that many of the players who today continue to enjoy The Old Republic talked about.

Even so, Erickson has been very clear about the future of the game, stating that they will do "anything" to keep players connected to The Old Republic. The release of additional adventures and new content responds to this strategy, as fans have seen in recent days thanks to the Plague of the Rakghoul event, which will end soon.

The idea, explains the creative, is that the game "is not only a destination to see friends connected, but also a place to connect just to see what's new." For this reason, they will work on the publication of a greater variety of daily missions as well as enhance the content for high-level users, who will feel the need to replay these types of missions.

In this sense, from BioWare they have explained that they have various teams working on new content for the game. "It's generally a matter of priority, as we have separate teams working on different initiatives that we can change based on the priorities of each update."