The benefits of The Lord of the Rings Online increase after its move to free play

More than a million new user accounts have been created since September.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood

Since September 10, the fantastic Lord of the Rings Online It went from being a paid massively multiplayer online role-playing game to being a free online title based on a microtransaction system, a decision that seems to have brought very good results to its creators. Turbine, who have admitted that profits have tripled since then.

It was in an interview with the TenTonHammer medium that the game's executive producer, Kate Paiz, and the studio's communications director, Adam Mersky, gave this good news. In detail, Turbine has highlighted that the number of accounts created since the game became free has been more than one million, also highlighting that 20% of the players who had abandoned the title have returned.

On the future of The Lord of the Rings Online, its creators have given some more details about the next expansion, Rise of Isengard, which will be released this year. In this regard, they have highlighted that this will include, of course, the Tower of Ortanc as well as its surroundings, also noting the enormous tension in Middle-earth with Saruman's army making itself known.

In addition, in advance, new epic adventures for users will be published in these first months of the year, as well as a large game instance to prepare for the launch of the expansion. Finally, its creators also have in mind to develop an expansion set in the kingdom of Rohan, although they have not wanted to give more details about it.

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