This is Core, the game creation platform that will pay creators for each daily player

Manticore will pay up to $ 1 million to its creators for visits to their works.

In recent years there have been many creation proposals with tools to build your own games. We talk about names like Dreams, Roblox, the recent Stadia Crayta ... But none as succulent as Core, Manticore's platform for creating Unreal Engine-based multiplayer titles with ease. And, after four months in its alpha phase, Core has announced a monetization program so its creators can earn good money while having fun playing.

During the game's trial period, Core creators will receive $ 3 for each daily player have their games. That is, the more players try your creations, the more money you earn. Here, Manticore gives as an example the case that you maintain an average of 500 daily users during the month, which would report an income of $ 1,500 just for creating fun experiences that attract people. Such is Manticore's ambition with the project, that they have already reserved 1 million dollars to fund this proposal.

Not surprisingly, maintaining an active community of creators, which is rewarded for their efforts, is vital for any platform. Now How is this program accessed? Well, the Core rewards program opened its doors yesterday with 100 places available, for which Manticore has issued around 50 invitations to Core's most dedicated creators. That is, the first game testers, contest winners, and new players who have impressed with their creations. If you are users of this platform, and want to participate, do not hesitate to consult all the conditions of the program and make entertaining creations for the sake of one of the invitations arrived of the study.

Core is a platform that allows any PC user create high definition games with the quality of large productions. All this with easy-to-use tools that make the creation of new experiences. If you want to try building something new, or prefer to test user creations, take a look at the Core website. And don't miss this report in which we talk about the best tools to start creating games.