Obsidian would love to make another Fallout

"If we were given the opportunity, we would surely accept it," they declare about the RPG saga.

Josh Sawyer is one of the creative heads of Obsidian Entertainment and, in turn, was the director of the great Fallout: New Vegas who developed this study for the well-known role-playing video game series. Now Sawyer himself has confessed to the North American portal IGN that they would like to return to the brand in the future.

"I would love to make a Fallout game again," Sawyer enthused. "I know there are lots of people in Obsidian who are looking forward to it too. Given the opportunity, we would surely accept it. "

"I think if we made a new Fallout, Fallout: New Vegas 2 or whatever, we would develop it separately from what the internal team of Bethesda. We would set it on the West Coast, because that's where we're from. They are from the East Coast, so it all makes more sense that way. We need an interesting and confined area. So it could be Los Angeles, it could be Fallout: LA. It would be great. It could be set in the Boneyard, like the original Fallout. It could be very different. Almost a cross between the Walking Dead and Fallout because of all that radiation. "

Sawyer also acknowledged that many people ask them to return to the series. "There are more requests about Fallout than about anything else," admitted the creative.

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